TikTok’s Honeycomb Pasta Is Dividing The Internet

Anna Lewis
·2-min read

A few months ago, the internet was taken over by a humble rectangle of feta. A TikTok recipe for Baked Feta Pasta was the talk of social media, and pretty everyone could agree that this simple dish was a game-changer.

But there’s a new viral pasta in town, and it goes by the name Honeycomb Pasta. Unlike its predecessor Bake Feta Pasta, this new viral recipe has the internet divided. Some think its genius, while others are calling it sacrilege to traditional pasta dishes.

Anyway, let’s get into what it actually consists of so you can make up your own mind. Honeycomb Pasta came to everyone’s attention recently thanks to a TikTok shared by @bananalovesyoutoo. She starts by stacking rigatoni vertically in a springform cake tin. She then stuffs each tube with a stick of American string cheese (us Brits would probably cut Cheesestrings in half or into three and stuff them in), and covers the whole thing with tomato pasta sauce. She tops it all off with cooked beef mince and grated cheese before baking it in the oven. When it comes out, it’s all gooey and oozy with melted cheese, and it looks pretty damn tasty if you ask us.

But the comments on the TikTok vary. Positive ones include “bussin’” and “awesome”, as well as one person saying “Beats lasagne. Easy, quick, fast. I will be trying this.” While negative comments like “My Italian grandmother is spinning in her grave”, and “Somewhere an Italian watched this and cried out in pain” have also been shared.

Other people are jumping on the bandwagon, and have shared their versions of Honeycomb Pasta, including a Greek version, one made with vodka sauce and even a Baked Feta Pasta, Honeycomb Pasta hybrid.

So, we guess there’s nothing else for it – you’ll have to make it and decide for yourself.

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