This TikTok Hack For McDonald's McNuggets Has Us Questioning Everything

·1-min read

It's all kicking off in the McDonald's department, gang. Not only have we seen the official return of Spicy McNuggets (praise be), but McDonald's Monopoly has made a comeback with bigger and better prizes. That's right, it's been a good few months for Macca's fans — but things are about to get even better...

Spotted online via @bespokendrip on TikTok, it turns out there there's a very simple menu hack that involves McNuggets and a side of pickles. Sounds bizarre at first, we know. But let us tell you, this is an absolute game-changer (and we don't mean that lightly).

For the first time, someone has shown has that we can combine our love for both chicken nuggets and pickles, by simply merging the two together. And by that, we mean take a little nibble from the side of your nug, and then slide on in a pickle slice. Et voila, a makeshift chicken pickle bite.

@bespokendrip's step-by-step video has gathered over 6.5 million views on TikTok, along with 355,000 likes and thousands of comments after being shared just two days ago. And by the look of things, we're not the only ones completely mesmerised by this hack.

One user commented, "this is a work of art," while another tagged a friend and said, "why have I never thought of this." Now, who's for a trip to the nearest Macca's? Yep, we'll see you there!