This TikTok Hack For Making Perfectly Smooth, Rounded Cookies Is Genius

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There's nothing worse than making a batch of fresh cookies and being met with awkwardly shaped, uneven heaps of cookie dough from the oven. Amateur baker or not, it's not exactly what you'd call a confidence booster, right?

Don't get me wrong, we love that rustic baking aesthetic. But sometimes, we just want perfectly-rounded, gorgeous-looking cookies. You know?

Well, thanks to one clever clogs on TikTok, we've just discovered the ultimate hack for perfecting your cookies. And it's going to blow your mind...

Oh, and all you need is a glass.

TikToker, @garilovesallthings, recently posted a video demonstrating her top trick for ensuring round cookies, and it's racked up a huge 2.4 million views.

Her hack? She uses a glass and pops it over the top of her freshly baked cookies and gives it a gentle wiggle. THAT. IS. IT.

By using the glass on freshly baked cookies, it moulds them into the desired circle shape. Like us, people are amazed by how easy this trick is.

Just think about how impressive your cookies will look now that you've got this super-simple hack in the bag?

Since you're here, let us hook you onto this Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie recipe. It's literally a giant cookie stuffed with peanut butter and chocolate. And it's utterly INCREDIBLE!

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