TikTok Found the 13 Going on 30 Dress For $13 on Amazon, and Jenna Rink Is Shaking

13 Going on 30 fans, prepare to freak out. We are currently so grateful to clever TikTok users, because a few of them discovered Jenna Rink's famous colorful dress on Amazon! Yep, you can shop this Soliloquy Mini Dress ($13) right now and channel your inner 2004 magazine editor. It would also be so cute for a Halloween costume, so just get it now and you'll be ready for October.

Keep reading to see all the trending TikTok videos and more details on the dress itself. For $13, it honestly might be worth buying a couple. Can you imagine how shocked Jenna Rink would be to see her designer dress for this price tag? Let's shop!

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