This TikTok-Famous Mask Revived My Dry, Frizz-Prone Hair

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Even though I’m a beauty girl to the core, I’ve always been very low maintenance when it comes to hair products. Obviously, shampoo and conditioner are a given, but aside from my fervent love for hair oils, I don’t use anything on my brunette waves. Hair masks, in particular, are a whole level of #effort that I tend to avoid entirely — until I tried this one: Coco & Eve’s new Sweet Repair Mask.

I’ve only heard good things about the brand from friends and colleagues. Their OG Like A Virgin hair mask is heavenly, according to all who try it, and in Team R29, we are especially excited about the brand’s new Bond Building Pre-Shampoo Treatment — at only £23, it promises to rival Olaplex at a fraction of the cost.

After spending some time trying the Sweet Repair Mask out I can safely say it combines everything I love about hair masks (intensive hydration that bestows healthy, super-soft strands) with none of the gripes: applying on dry hair and waiting 20 minutes outside the shower (?!?), not to mention weighed-down hair and utter lack of root volume with especially thick formulas. Read on for my honest thoughts.


Coco & Eve Sweet Repair Mask, £30.90

Right off the bat, I loved the texture of the product. It was more buttery than my normal conditioner, but it had an almost whipped quality that rendered it lighter than other hair masks I’ve tried. Another plus is I only needed to leave it on for five to 10 minutes for it to work its magic; anything longer than 15, and it’s sadly a pass for me.

Before I get into the benefits, a little bit about my hair. It’s naturally full (thanks to my parents), medium-length, and wavy-ish. I have some subtle ash brunette highlights in there, but there isn’t a ton of damage since my colourist was able to lift my natural colour without needing bleach. However, my hair does get dry easily since it requires a fair bit of moisture, so I was hopeful that this mask would help quench the thirst. After a trip to the beach (aka my hair was feeling extra parched), I swapped this in place of my conditioner and worked a hefty dollop through mid-lengths to ends. Even though the instructions said to use it on towel-dried hair, I applied it to damp, wringed-out hair while still in the shower.


After throwing my clean hair into my trusty Aquis towel wrap, I waited for my hair to air-dry. As it dried, I could already tell it was softer, even without applying oil post-shower. (I applied a single pump instead of my usual two after my hair was about 50% dry.) Once it fully dried and I brushed it out, I was honestly blown away by the mirror-like shine. While it didn’t completely eliminate my frizz and flyaways (not that I expected it to), they did seem a little tamer than usual, which I definitely appreciated. According to the brand, the Sweet Repair mask is packin’ skin-care-grade ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and vegan keratin among others, which work wonders to repair existing damage and strengthen strands. The amber scent was a little overpowering at first whiff, but it really didn’t linger too much on my hair.

At £30.90 for a generously sized 212ml tub, this is definitely a product I’d use again whenever my hair is feeling especially lacklustre. My final thoughts: Coco & Eve’s hair mask has made a convert of this low-maintenance B — and I now have the advert-worthy strands to prove it.


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