TikTok discovers Rihanna's two doppelgangers and they're the best ones we've ever seen

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Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images
Photo credit: Monica Schipper - Getty Images

Over the past year, TikTok has become the accidental home of doppelg盲ngers. From the one who looks so much like Taylor Swift she caused genuine confusion among fans, to the woman who looks more like Jennifer Aniston than actual Jennifer Aniston. Well, now TikTok has made their latest discovery and it involves not one, but two Rihanna lookalikes and these two ladies are next levels.

The first woman, a TikToker named Priscilla Beatrice, has racked up more than 2million followers with her videos. She is very aware of her likeness to the Fenty founder, and often recreates her looks - including her recent Met Gala look.

In one video, she's sporting Rihanna's iconic dark crop along with red lips, and a quick scan through the comments tells you everything you need to know; "are u related to rihanna???" one fan wrote, while another said, "Say hi to Asap Rocky for me please."

Priscilla looks so much like the singer, that Rihanna herself has even noticed it. After Instagram account The Shade Room spotted the similarities and posted about it, Rihanna commented on the post, "where the album sis? #R9." A fair question...

Next up, a TikToker named Avery recently went viral after she posted a video about not realising what you really look like, prompting people to flood the comments telling her she looks like Rihanna.

"rihanna is that you?" one person wrote, and another commented, "Rihanna.... sorry... Rihanna... sorry."

Avery then followed-up in a later video which she captioned, "I鈥檝e literally been getting that I look like rihanna my whole lifeeee sooo y鈥檃ll lmk what you think馃槶."

After getting an overwhelming response, in a later video Avery added that she would definitely be trying more Rihanna looks, and frankly, we can't wait.

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