A TikTok dentist just revealed the random reason why chewing gum is actually good for you

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Photo credit: Neydtstock - Getty Images
Photo credit: Neydtstock - Getty Images

We'd only just gotten over a dentist going viral on TikTok for saying we're all using mouthwash wrong, and now it appears there's another oral hygiene habit that needs addressing: chewing gum.

Yup, a London dentist has now also gone viral on the social media platform after revealing why chewing gum is *actually* good for you (I know?!) – and we're still slightly in shock about the whole thing. Did anyone else grow up with their teachers and parents telling them that chomping on a stick of gum was 'bad' for their oral health?

Dr Vikas Prinja, who runs the Tiktok account 'The London Dentist' says that actually, quite the opposite is true (in some cases), and has revealed the interesting reason why we should all reconsider adding packet of (specifically) sugar-free gum to our supermarket carts.

"Despite what our teachers told us, sugar-free chewing gum is actually really good for us," he says in his video, which has since been viewed over 48,000 times. "It stimulates saliva production and that helps to fight against tooth decay."

Sadly, the same theory doesn't apply to the likes of sugary gums, like Hubba Bubba, which according to the team at dental brand Oral B "can have the opposite effect and contribute to the build-up of plaque on teeth".

Dr Prinja TikTok video is part of a series of 'Why did no one tell me that?' guides wherein the expert demystifies common misconceptions about dental hygiene and oral health (and we're fully hooked on them).

In his bitesize educational uploads, he's also revealed some other surprising and little known truths relating to all things teeth – including the fact that we should all be using soft bristle toothbrushes instead of hard or medium strength (which are the most common types sold at a majority of supermarkets). As well as explaining how whether or not you're a 'mouth breather' can even impact the shape of your face (something to do with tongue placement? Again, who knew!).

BRB, off to buy ourselves a pack of gum (while we ponder what other 'myths' we may have been told at school).

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