Tiffany Haddish keen to pursue more dramatic roles

Tiffany Haddish is setting her sights on more dramatic Hollywood roles.

Since launching her career in 2013, the stand-up comedian/actress has built up a reputation for her comedy skills, and was a scene stealer in flicks such as Girls Trip, Night School, and Like a Boss.

But in a new interview with WWD, Tiffany shared that she wants to cement her status as a dramatic performer, especially as she loved her experience on the set of Paul Schrader's crime-drama The Card Counter.

"I will be doing stand-up comedy until I can't walk or talk or anything anymore, OK. I'm always going to do stand-up," she smiled. "But as I evolve as a performer, I will be making sure that I'm producing on all of my projects. The goal is to be creating things that I want."

Tiffany takes on the part of La Linda in the project, which also features Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan, and Willem Dafoe.

And the star expects fans will be surprised to see her in a different light once the film is released later this month.

"People think of me as one note," the 41-year-old mused. "And I'm not. I'm like an onion. I have layers. Peel back my layers and I may make you cry...

"I see my career as still in front of me. There's still lots to do, I have a lot of goals. And I like being the first to do things. I'm kind of addicted to that now."