Thunderstorms and a heatwave! The UK weather is about

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Brace yourself for some weird weather! The UK is set to see thunderstorms and a heatwave in the space of a week, according to forecasts.

Next week temperatures could hit 32oC in the south-east, but we're going to have to put up with the rain first, sadly. Most parts of the UK will have already been affected by downpours, and the Met Office issued a severe Yellow warning for rain in South Wales this morning.

These are set to continue across England, Wales and Scotland throughout Friday and into Saturday, when showers will turn thundery in some parts – particularly across northeast England and eastern Scotland.

However, by Sunday things will start to look a little brighter – and we can finally think about digging that barbecue out again!

Temperatures will begin to rise to 25oC in London on Sunday, before gradually peaking at 32oC in the south east of England on Wednesday. It'll be a little cooler in the north – around 28oC in Manchester and 25oC in Newcastle, while Edinburgh will have temperatures of 24oC and Cardiff will reach 28oC.

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Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris said: “As we head into next week we are expecting some parts of the country to see some very warm weather, which could reach heatwave thresholds."

The weather should begin to settle to average July temperatures by next weekend, but until then – we'll get the ice cream out of the freezer!

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