This wine glass attaches to your wine bottle so you can drink quicker


[Photo: Amazon]

Wine is great - we all love wine, whether we’re a Pinot or Shiraz type of person.

The one problem, however? Having to open the wine bottle and pour the wine into a glass each time you want another. So much of our lives has been wasted.

So thank goodness that someone has invented a glass that’ll allow us to skip that entire horrendous process.

Introducing the Guzzle Buddy, an extra-large wine glass that you can attach directly to your bottle of wine to drink it straight from the source.


[Photo: Amazon]

It’s like a normal wine glass, but instead of having a stem and base, it has a spout to pop into your favourite bottle.

Think of all of the situations in which this would be the perfect tool. At a house party and don’t want to share your wine? Sorted. Got a long commute home before Friday night begins (not that we’re suggesting you drink the whole thing)? Also sorted.

It costs £23 on Amazon, so what are you waiting for?

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