This upside-down snap of Adele is freaking everyone out


The photo that’s baffling the Internet. [Photo: Twitter/Turn Your Phone]

A photo that’s doing the round on Twitter is freaking everyone out. Big time. The image, which shows a snap of Adele turned upside-down, may not sound that crazy, but when you turn the image the right way up you realize just how creepy it is.

The upside-down snap isn’t your regular topsy-turvy pic. Instead, Twitter users quickly discovered that the 27-year-old singer’s lips and eyes remain right side up in the image.

And crazy-eyed and big-lipped Adele is just a little creepy.


We think you’ll agree this is a tad terrifying. [Photo: Twitter/Turn Your Phone]

No one seems to know who created the trippy image, but it’s definitely making an impact online. Even The Vamps have been getting involved in the social media storm. But we have to wonder if Adele herself has spotted it - and what she thinks.

Adele, if you’re reading this, do us a solid and drop us a tweet to let us know. Ta.

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