This Primark ‘Bib’ Top Is Baffling Shoppers

[Photo: Twitter/James Kelleher]

Okay, we get it - fashion isn’t the most practical at times.

But this Primark top that looks remarkably like a bib is really baffling shoppers.

Twitter user James Kelleher tweeted an image of the item and wrote: “WTF, how many people walk among us wearing FAKE SHIRTS?”


[Photo: Twitter/James Kelleher]

The top, or whatever we should call it, is like a shirt - only with the bottom half missing.

Kelleher also tweeted: “I don’t know what’s real any more.

“This is like when Neo first saw the Matrix “

The idea is probably getting that layered-shirt look, but without the commitment of wearing an entire shirt, as one user Brian Lavery pointed out:

“When you wanna wear a sweater but it’s too damn hot”.


Real or fake? [Photo: Twitter/James Kelleher]

Important question, though; what does it look like when you take your jumper off? We’re guessing not so great, as Niall de Buitlear rightly tweeted:

“Imagine a girl meeting someone and wanting to bring them home then realising ‘Damn, I’m wearing a fake shirt’”.

This isn’t the first time weird fake shirt-ery has occurred, though.

“Remember in the late 90s/early 00s where you bought a tshirt (sic) that had the sleeves of a long sleeve sewn into the arms” Little Neros Tweetza reminded us.

Thank you, Little Zeros Tweetza - we’d only just managed to forget.

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