The Child Fat-Shaming Debate Continues: Should A Parent Ever Be Told Their Tot’s Overweight?


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Viewers were left horrified after a debate on child fat-shaming turned nasty on today’s episode of This Morning.

Shameless actress Tina Malone and a health and lifestyle journalist were shown a picture of a toddler and asked whether they thought it would be the right thing to do to tell a parent that the infant was overweight.

Initially, Tina was hesitant, responding: “This is a baby, she’s 12-14 months old.”

“How dare anybody say to a woman, a parent or a man your child is fat. It’s disgusting.“

But when presenter Ruth Langsford asked whether someone ever has the right to tell a parent that their child needs to lose weight, the debate began to hot up.


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Tina said that she had recently warned a friend that her son was overrating. Explaining her decision, she said she was right to offer the warning in case in future “he’s a big fattie, he ain’t got a bird and he has no friends”.

But Twitter wasn’t sold on Tina’s brand of tough love.

My gosh this woman on #thismorning what a bitch!!! Awareness yes but saying they will be fat with no bird. #ruthless

Might agree with some of what Tina Malone says but she comes across a bit too aggressive for me.. 😳 #thismorning

In our view, calling someone a ‘fatty’ probably isn’t the best way to support them in making healthy choices. Someone ask us on This Morning, please?

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