This is when women stop shopping at Zara, apparently

Alice Sholl
We’ll never stop shopping there [Photo: PA]

It’s hard not to love Zara, whether you’re after some new work-suitable or casual clothing.

And while Zara – as high street stores go – suits many ages, there’s a peak age in which we shop there, according to data.

Speaking to consumer analysis agency Insight Rooms (who have surveyed the social engagement around the brand according to age), Who What Wear  found that women’s love of Zara is concentrated at an eerily-young age – our mid twenties.

Between 23 and 27 to be exact, after which it dives downwards and interest totally disappears by the time we’re 33.

And the median drop off age is actually 25.

Twenty five.

Despite this according to Ed Dilworth, the agency’s founder and CEO, Zara at least doesn’t have as sharp an age drop as similar fashion brands do.

We’re not sure where all these stylish 25-year-olds are coming from to offset all the fashionable 30 and 40-somethings shopping at the store, but like so many other things suggesting there’s a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ age to shop somewhere, we should totally ignore it.

We plan to be shopping at Zara for as long as we like, thank you very much.

What’ll be next – Primark becoming tweens only?

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