Here’s Proof That We Waste A Whole Lot Of Time Deciding What To Wear


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Whether you are one of those people who meticulously plans their outfit the night before, or are always a few minutes late to work because you were irrationally throwing clothes left, right and centre, we can all agree outfit planning has a habit of being something of a struggle.

But we didn’t realise just how much time we spend rifling through their wardrobe in a quest to look - and feel - good on a daily basis.

A study by Marks and Spencer has revealed that both men and women spend, on average, 17 minutes a day choosing what to wear.

This accumulates to four days a year and six months of our working lives (eek). Plus, that’s not including the “I have nothing to wear” meltdowns we usually have before a big event.


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Polling 2,000 men and women (yes, men have hissy fits too), the study showed that 15 per cent of adults say their mood has been ruined because of an outfit drama.

And one in 10 of us are regularly late for work because of outfit issues. We’re glad we aren’t the only ones…

However, we all really have no excuse as on average we are boasting an impressive 152 items per wardrobe. But we only wear 44 per cent of these items.

We think a clear out may be in order…

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