This curvy Muslim woman called out Instagram's ridiculous censorship

Miski Muse spoke out after her fully clothed photo was deleted by Instagram [Photo: Instagram/musegold]

Did you know that a selfie containing zero nudity can be removed by Instagram?

Muslim woman Miski Muse found out the hard way when a mirror selfie of her fully clothed was taken down by the photo-sharing platform.

The picture, posted in November, was reported a number of times due to Miski simultaneously wearing a hijab and showing off her new jeans. Instagram agreed with the “inappropriate” tag and subsequently removed the photo.

“I was talking to my friend and I remember telling her, ‘I found these wonderful jeans a few months ago. Let me show you the picture,'” she told PAPER. “I was scrolling down Instagram and couldn’t find [it]. I had gotten a lot of feedback, both good and bad. It was a lot of people saying, ‘This isn’t appropriate for someone wearing the hijab.'”

After feeling “shocked and confused that a woman who chose to celebrate her body wasn’t welcome,” Miski re-posted the picture with a long caption detailing the discrimination she had faced.

“I’m covered from head to toe, and yet my picture was seen as “inappropriate” enough to get deleted,” she wrote. “Being a curvy Muslim woman hasn’t been an easy journey. Curvy is tacitly seen as immodest – sexualised by default – so my photos as a curvy hijab are consumed and seen as obscene.”

“I come from a community where people who look like me are not visible and are constantly shamed. This is my body and I’m not hiding it anymore to make others comfortable.”

Instagram has received a lot of criticism for its sexist censorship rules. Along with banning photos that feature female nipples and body hair, the site doesn’t allow users to search for the term “curvy”.

With enough women speaking out, perhaps Instagram will finally listen.

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