This coat can store 15kg of your baggage allowance

The Airport Jacket
No more surprise travel charges [Photo: Kickstarter]

Baggage fees are getting stricter and stricter, and the amount we’re allowed to bring onto flights as hand luggage smaller and smaller.

And while we’ve all worn as many layers as possible before hopping onto a flight in an attempt to carry as little as possible in our bags, one company has taken this concept one step further.

Juice Promotions Australia has created a jacket that you can stuff 15kg of your luggage into instead of your suitcase.

The Airport Jacket
It has how many pockets? [Photo: Kickstarter]

The coat comes with 14 deep pockets for storage and can be worn in three different ways – including at either hip or full length.

It also comes with a carry-on sized duffle bag and two detachable pocket panels.

But considering what we tend to take on as hand luggage, what about chunky, awkward items such as laptops or shoes?

Apparently it has you covered.

The products agency told Mail Online:

The Airport Jacket
It wouldn’t be for the sake of being fashionable, exactly [Photo: Kickstarter]

“When worn at full length the Airport Jacket is capable of concealing approximately two laptops, an iPad, two pairs of shoes, a pair of jeans, five T-shirts, a jumper and a camera,” it said.

Not bad – and thanks to the coat’s design, you’re not stuck wearing your stuff for the duration of the trip, either.

“Wearers need simply slide their luggage into the jacket pockets when checking in and boarding the flight,” the company explained.

Woman on flight
Instead you could just focus on your holiday [Photo: Pexels]

“And once safely off the plane the jacket can easily be unzipped and transformed into a duffle bag capable of holding both the jacket plus all items in the pockets.”

Its designers Claire and Benke Murphy are currently hoping to fund the coat and put it fully into production through Kickstarter.

Take that, Ryanair.

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