This 64-year-old actress is wowing the internet with her incredible body

[Photo: Instagram/Grace Alfano]

Graciela Ines Alfano Casanova, also known as Graciela Alfano, is an Argentinian actress, model and TV presenter.

But recently, she’s been busy flooring her fans with what incredible shape she’s in by posting pictures of herself scantily clad to Instagram.

Whether she’s chilling in her pool in Villa Carlos Paz or lying in bed, it’s all uploaded to her social media channels.

She said on one particular shot that she owes it all to “healthy” living, but even her fans aren’t totally convinced.

According to the Mail Online, one commenter Tito9k9 responded: “A healthy life… and silicon, liposuction, surgery, Photoshop.”

While another said: “Healthy life? And a thousand surgeries?”

But this hasn’t stopped her many other fans praising her looks and wanting to know her secret, as one wrote: “Wowwwww!! I want to be like you! Give us the recipe!! You are unique.”

Alfano isn’t new to being in the limelight – and certainly used to being a sex symbol. Best known for her appearance in comedies in the 1970s and 80s, she rose to fame in that era and appears not to have lost that label either.

If she owes it all to healthy living, then we’re very impressed.

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