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This $17 pet cooling mat is a 'godsend' for overheating dogs — perfect for summer

Prevent your furry friends from getting too hot when temperatures start to soar.

golden retriever dog with girl in pink on blooming field, pet cooling mat from Amazon
Keep your pet's temperatures regulated this summer with this $17 cooling mat. (Photo via Getty Images)

Summer is just around the corner, folks, and sun safety is absolutely crucial. While wearing SPF on the daily is extremely important, it's also essential to stay hydrated and avoid soaking up too many rays. Just as much as this applies to you, it also goes for your four-legged friends, too! From overheating and dehydration to burnt paws and heat stroke, too much sun can make them unwell and uncomfortable.

While providing them with air conditioning and plenty of water is a given, that's not all. The VASLON Pet Cooling Mat from Amazon Canada is a great and easy way to keep your pets cool and comfortable on scorching hot days — and it rings in at under $20. Scroll below to read more about it.

This cooling mat will help prevent your pets from overheating this summer.

$17 at Amazon

The VASLON Pet Cooling Mat uses CoolCore Fiber to help lower your pet's body temperature by three to four degrees upon contact.

The mat features three distinct layers: surface cold-sensitive ice silk, intermediate-filled cotton and reverse ventilating mesh for a unique gel-like texture to keep furry friends cool.

The machine-washable and lightweight blanket can be used in the car, outside, on the floor or on top of furniture to help keep your pet comfortable for up to three hours.

⭐️ 3.7/5 stars

💬 800+ ratings

🏆 "Great product, worth the price, and surprisingly cooler than you'd expect."

This cooling mat will help prevent your pets from overheating this summer.

$17 at Amazon

The cooling mat has earned more than 800 customer reviews on Amazon Canada, with pet owners praising its ability to provide relief to their fur babies during warm weather.

One person confirmed it's "lightweight and cool to the touch" and noted that "there isn't an antislip pad underneath," so there might be some slipping on hardwood.

Another shopper said they're "pleasantly surprised" because after keeping this in their linen closet, they said it was "much cooler" than any "other towel or blanket near it."

A lot of people said it's "very thin," which is something to keep in mind if you're looking for something thicker.

As a pet parent, the main goal is to ensure your pet is comfortable and healthy at all times. However, it's especially important during extreme weather conditions.

The VASLON Pet Cooling Mat is a quick, easy and effective way to keep your pet cool this summer and prevent overheating. Simply put the mat down on your floor, furniture or grass and let your dog or cat enjoy some much-needed relief from the sun.

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