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Mini Golf

This is so low-pressure, it's great for a first date or fifth. When you're on a date, you don't want the stakes so high that either party looks bad if they don't have the training necessary to complete the task (think tennis or skiing), but not so low that there's no room for a little flirtatious competition.

Since a mini golf course is usually built for kids, it's going to be simple enough to complete, but gives you something more to do than exchange questions over drinks. If it's the first date, leave it at mini golf, since you don't want a first meeting to last longer than a couple of hours anyway. If it's further in, go to dinner or drinks after the golf, and make sure to set a fun, flirtatious bet before you begin!

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Date nights, especially early on in a relationship, usually consist of dinner and drinks, and maybe a movie thrown in here and there. But if you want to break from traditional dating habits and think more outside the box, we've got some creative date ideas that'll make the entire process so much more fun. From day dates like mini golf to playing fun question games to get to know each other better, keep reading for 19 fun ways to spice up your love life. And hey, if you still love doing dinner and drinks, so many of these can be done before or after, so you can make your time together even longer!


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