If you have thin hair and want bangs, try *these* hairstyles

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How to style bangs with thin hair, per expertsHearst Owned

For whatever reason, bangs have been getting a bad rap since the beginning. Because, yes, sometimes women get them when they're ~going through things~, but other times, we truly just want to mix things up with our hair. And when bangs work, they work.

'Bangs can change your face shape and help to enhance your features,' says Allison Kaye, celebrity makeup and hairstylist. 'Bangs are also a bold choice if you’re looking for a change and can make straight hair look more fun by adding this texture element.' I know that’s right.

But not all bangs look great on everyone, and if you're someone with thinner, finer hair (like me!), there are a few specific styles that may work best for you. Keep reading for more expert-recommended info on the best bangs for thin hair and how to style them.

The Best Bangs For Thin Hair

Bangs are especially beneficial, looks-wise, for those with thinner hair. 'Bangs make thinner hair strands look thicker,' says Jennifer Korab, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa and Revival Barber Shop. In general, a few types of bangs suit thin hair the best.

  • Sweep bangs: Reese Witherspoon has been this rocking for quite some time. “This would help to hide any spots around your hairline that may be patchy or thinning,” Kaye explains.

  • Wispy bangs: These are also a great option because they can “create softness and a wispy feel,” Korab says. “They are light and not too heavy.”

  • Side bangs: Korab also recommends side bangs because they’re “universal and can be added to most haircuts.”

How To Style Thin Bangs

When it comes to actually styling thinner hair, you’ll want to be sure you’re using the right products and staying on top of cleaning your hair to add the most volume naturally, Kaye says.

'People with thin hair should avoid any heavy products as these can slick the hair down and make it look flat and greasy,' she adds. So skip the heavy conditioners and instead, opt for a spray detangler and/or a texturizing spray.

For spray detanglers, Korab loves the Pureology Color Fanatic Multi-Tasking Leave-In Spray, and Kaye’s recs for texturizing sprays are the IGK Beach Club Texture Spray and the Amika Un.Done Volume Matte Texture Spray to make your hair appear fuller and thicker. Korab recommends adding on a root lifter or volumizing mousse as well to add volume.

When styling, use a teasing comb or backcombing comb, Korab recommends—these tools will help create volume and keep that fullness throughout the day.

Happy bangs szn!

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