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These 'handy' LED flashlight gloves are the perfect last-minute Father's Day gift — and they're 43% off right now

Plus, more dad-friendly Amazon gadgets to shop.

someone using the flashlight gloves from Amazon on a bike and while fixing a car
These flashlight gloves will make the perfect gift for dad — and they're under $20. (Photos via Amazon)

Still need a last-minute gift for Father's Day? Amazon Canada has tons of items you can still get by Sunday, June 16. Most dads are known to appreciate practical products, and these LED Flashlight Gloves are definitely dad-coded. While they may seem silly, these bestselling gloves have more than 6,000 reviews backing them — they're designed to provide extra light while you're walking the dog, fixing something, working on a car or camping. And they're currently on sale for just $17, down from $30. To see why Amazon shoppers are raving about these flashlight gloves and to shop for more useful Amazon gifts, keep scrolling below.

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Snag these flashlight gloves for 43% off. 

$17 at Amazon

If you're on the hunt for a gift for your dad, brother or best friend, these flashlight gloves could be the way to go. This useful gift frees up your hands while you're busy doing other things, providing light directly where you want it.

The gloves are one size fits most, with an adjustable strap that's suitable for both men and women. Each glove has two battery-powered LED lights (batteries included) that sit on top of the thumb and forefinger and an on/off switch.

⭐️ 4.3/5 stars

💬 6,200+ ratings

🏆 "The little lights are brighter than expected and work great."

With more than 4,000 five-star customer reviews and a 4.3-star average rating, it's clear that these unique flashlight gloves are a hit among Amazon shoppers.

One reviewer raved that the gloves have been "a great help instead of holding a flashlight in my mouth" while taking on jobs around the house. Another agreed, adding, "These are perfect — no more headlamp giving me a headache."

Reviewers have found the LED lights to be "super bright," providing enough light for just about any activity.

They're also a "great gift," some say.

Despite all the praise, some reviewers do caution that the gloves are "made of very light material." For that reason, you might just want to exercise caution when putting them on and taking them off to avoid ripping the fabric.

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