These convertible heels are all you need this party season

[Photo: Tanya Heath]

As much as we’ve all tried to ‘party proof’ our feet over the years, the only solution thus far has been to permanently carry around a pair of unsightly roll-up flats and changing shoes on the tube – hey, we’ve all been there.

Well, that’s not going to happen this year. We’ve discovered a complete shoe game changer, that doesn’t actually require changing shoes…

Meet Tanya Heath’s removable heels that can go from an uber chic pair of stilettos to comfy flats in seconds. How you ask?  Simply slide the heel off and then clip it back on when you’re ready (que heavenly choir sound effect).

The shoe design has actually been around for a few years – we know, where have we been? – however, now the French brand has grown and sells basically every shoe and heel type a girl could want, meaning endless trendy choices.

Owning a pair of these bad boys is bound to make running in between parties a doddle. Early Christmas present to ourselves? We think so.

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