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These Amazon sandals are 'great for plantar fasciitis' — and they're on sale for $25 ahead of Prime Day 2024

These affordable slides are comfortable, cute and "like walking on cushions."

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I've been wearing these cloud sandals around the house for months — here's my honest review. (Photos via Amazon)

With the current heatwave here in Canada, I’m grateful that my partner and I can crank our AC all the way up. However, the chilly air freezes our tile floors, and I desperately needed a new pair of house sandals to save my feet from frostbite. So, to save time and money, I turned to Amazon Canada.

Quick overview

It’s not my first time buying a pair of shoes from Amazon — but it's the first time I've been absolutely thrilled with my Amazon fashion purchase. Better yet, my new favourite sandals, the GETOEU Cloud Slides, are currently on sale for $25. These lightweight, bouncy sandals are just as comfy as they are cute. Read on for my honest thoughts.

These slides can be worn as both slippers and outdoor sandals.

$25 at Amazon

There are so many different versions of these types of slides available on Amazon, but the GETOEU Cloud Slides stand out from the crowd with an extra-thick sole with arch support and soft EVA material that feels like it wouldn’t be non-slip, but it is.

The arch-fitting design is a welcome surprise for a pair of sandals like these. The thick-yet-lightweight sole provides lots of support and cushioning and has a barely-there feel even after hours of wear.

The flexible upper doesn’t rub against the skin uncomfortably, and the anti-slip sole holds up against slick tile floors. If you wear these by the pool, I’m confident they’d grip the wet ground just as well.

The GETOEU Cloud Slides can be worn both indoors and outdoors, and although they are listed as “women’s” shoes, the design is totally unisex. They come in five colours, including classic black and white, as well as trendy blue, blush and khaki.

The GETOEU Cloud Slide in Black.

$25 at Amazon

They're super comfy: These slides are soft to the touch and extra springy, thanks to the thick, cushiony soles. When I have them on, I feel like I'm floating around the house.

They're extra supportive: They're specially made to reduce foot fatigue and provide arch pressure with every step, not to mention a buffer between sensitive feet and ice-cold floors.

They're incredibly lightweight: I don't like walking around in shoes that feel like dragging around cinder blocks on your feet. Slides should be weightless and easy to wear, and these check both boxes.

The GETOEU Cloud Slides in Blue.

$25 at Amazon

They're non-slip: You don't have to worry about skating across your floors in these puppies — the anti-slip sole provides traction on glassy surfaces, including subzero tile floors.

They're cute. Let's be real; looks matter. No one wants to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort if they don't have to, and luckily, these slides allow you to have both. They perfectly complement my WFH attire (some version of a matching sweatsuit or comfy tee and biker shorts).

With more than 100 ratings, I’m not the only one talking about the GETOEU Cloud Slides. They have numerous five-star reviews, including promising feedback from shoppers who struggle with foot pain.

One reviewer says the sandals have been “great for my plantar fasciitis.”

They write that the slides are like “walking on cushions” and “this particular brand is fantastic [and] so bouncy.”

Another shopper agrees that the slides offer “a very cushiony support” and are “much more comfortable to walk in than flip-flops.”

The GETOEU Cloud Slides in Blush.

$25 at Amazon

“I ordered these instead of regular flip flops for the summer and I am really impressed,” they write.

A third shopper adds that while they look a "little clunky" on their short frame, they're “very comfortable” and “perfect for inside on the tile floors and hardwood.”

However, some shoppers do warn “they fit big” and to size down to ensure the most comfortable fit.

I’m obsessed with my new GETOEU Cloud Slides, but at the end of the day, I wish I ordered a size down. I have pretty narrow feet, and I feel they fit slightly oversized — but not enough to return them.

The GETOEU Cloud Slides in Khaki,

$25 at Amazon

If you’re also looking for a pair of comfy slides to wear around the house this summer and beyond, I definitely would recommend this pair, especially when they're on sale. If you suffer from foot pain — or just want a pair of cute and comfy slides — these are great bang for your buck.

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