There's a new TikTok colour personality test and we're all obsessed

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Photo credit: krisanapong detraphiphat - Getty Images
Photo credit: krisanapong detraphiphat - Getty Images

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Who doesn't love a good personality test, eh? Whether or not they're steeped in genuine psychology barely even matters half the time, because as humans we're naturally obsessed with learning more about ourselves and picking apart what it means to... be alive. Or, yeah, something like that.

These days can do tests to discover your 'pandemic personality type' and even see what your side of the bed says about you as a person. Ahem. So, is it really any surprise that a new personality test that assigns you a 'personality colour' is doing the rounds on TikTok? The test comes from a Korean website K Test One (meaning that some of the translations aren't always the *clearest* to understand) and has seen users quick to share their results on social media too.

The twelve questions are largely focussed on the way you feel in social situations (e.g. 'How do you behave in front of your friends?'), how much time you spend thinking about the future, your impulsiveness and whether or not you're happiest in a busy room or calm environment.

Now, I always like to approach these things with a healthy dose of scepticism (including the infamous Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, that many people a fully about), but the results of the colour personality test did have me saying, "Ooh! Yes, that is actually quite familiar."

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See above for details – where there's a lot of chat about being good with words (always handy if you're a journalist,), being relatively shite with numbers (yes, hi, hello🙋) and being a perfectionist (I have been known to literally obsess over a minor social interaction or Instagram post for hours, which is both counterproductive and mildly tragic, I know).

Interestingly, when I saved the picture of the colour test results on my desktop, the file name came up as 'ENFJ' which is one of the personality types on the aforementioned Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test (which is endorsed by some - but certainly not all - legit psychology folks). Interestingly enough, it's not far off the result I got doing said more in-depth Myers-Briggs test (ENFP).

Essentially, it seems all these quizzes are pretty similar but the results are just presented in slightly different packages. Meaning, while it's all a bit of a laugh and good thought-provoker, no five-minute questionnaire online will ever really be able to determine the full extent of an individual's complex personality or predict their future.

Happy quizzing gang!

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