There's A New Super-Easy Way To Revive Stale Cookies

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Nothing, I repeat, nothing is as bad as biting into a stale cookie. And again, nothing is as bad as craving that cookie, and being met with something that's rock solid and barely chewable. So, how do we solve that? We find an easy hack that's going to revive our beloved cookies and deliver us with once-again soft, delicious-tasting baked snacks.

And luckily for you, we've got just the thing... BREAD!

Yep, thanks to @tasty on TikTok, it turns out all you need to revive your stale cookies is a piece of bread and a food storage container.

The trick? Place your piece of bread over your stack of cookies and inside a container, close the lid and leave overnight. In the morning, you'll be met with soft-as-though-freshly-baked cookies that have absorbed all the moisture from the bread, to become chewy again.

The TikTok itself has gathered over half a million views along with 66,000 likes and hundreds of comments. Although, one person did make a fair comment... they said, "Great hack, but my cookies never last long enough to go stale."

Since we're on the topic of cookies, I bet you don't know how to achieve perfectly rounded cookies? Well, thanks to one clever clogs on TikTok, we've just discovered the ultimate hack for perfecting your cookies, and all it involves is a glass.

TikToker, @garilovesallthings, recently posted a video demonstrating her top trick for ensuring round cookies, and it's gathered millions of views.

Her hack is as simple as using a glass and popping it over the top of her freshly baked cookies and giving it a gentle wiggle. By using the glass on freshly baked cookies, it moulds them into the desired circle shape. Clever, or what?

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