There's A New Rekorderlig Cider In Town And It Screams Summer

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Nothing screams summer more than a bottle of fruity cider, especially when it comes from leading cider brand, Rekorderlig. A pint of that stuff, loaded with lots of ice alongside some classic pub grub, we'd go as far as saying it's one of the best things about summer.

So you can imagine how we responded to discovering Rekorderlig were coming out with yet another flavour.

Say hello to Rekorderlig Blood Orange.

Keeping in line with the brand's signature fresh, fruity flavours, this new addition comes with a punch of zestyness, promising "citrusy bitterness," and "orange sweetness." Now, where do we sign?

Just last year Rekorderlig launched its Pink Lemon flavouring, featuring bright and juicy citrus flavours balanced with notes of raspberry, so this new launch already joins an epic line-up of delicious ciders.

Rekorderlig Blood Orange Cider is available now online and in-store at retailers such as Tesco and Waitrose, with additional stockists launching throughout the summer.

Prefer a classic gin over a classic cider? Bombay Sapphire just dropped a brand-new flavour for summer, and it's inspired by one of our favourite cocktails, a Tom Collins.

Bombay Citron Pressé is made from 100% natural fruit infusion, and comes complete with flavours of freshly squeezed Mediterranean lemon and classic dry gin.

In other words, this one's certainly set to be a wining serve this summer.

Photo credit: Bombay Sapphire
Photo credit: Bombay Sapphire

Natasha Curtin, Global Vice President for Bombay Sapphire said, "After our successful launch of Bombay Bramble, we are proud to be building out our flavoured portfolio and continuing to elevate the flavoured gin category with Bombay Citron Pressé – inspired by the iconic, the Tom Collins. Allowing gin fans to enjoy a taste of the familiar, but with a twist, this new launch offers a naturally refreshing tasting alternative to the traditional G&T, perfect for adding creative twists to drinks and experimenting with cocktails."

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