There's A Parma Violets Cookbook Out But It's Not For Everyone

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Swizzels - Getty Images

From Delish

How would you feel about a recipe book dedicated entirely to Parma Violets? Unsure? We get that. But, seeing as it's National Parma Violets Day on the 26 June (yes, it's a thing), we thought we'd bring back the age-old debate by introducing you to a digital Parma Violets recipe book, that's completely free.

Retro sweets retailer, Swizzels, has launched a digital cookbook that's packed full of weird and wonderful Parma Violet-inspired recipes. I'm talking Parma Violet Martinis, Parma Violet Cake and even Parma Violet Doughnuts.

The recipe book, 50 Tastes of Purple, contains recipes created by mega-fans of the brand, which means there are lots of funky creations for you to choose from. I'm personally rather interested in trying the Parma Violets Martini...

The brand has even been giving fans the chance to win special hard copies of the cookbook across its social media channels via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But don't worry, if you haven't managed to win yourself a hard copy, you can download the recipe book for free as a PDF or simply flick through online.

Claire Lee, Brand Manager at Swizzels, said: “Parma Violets continue to spark debate across the nation, but we have such dedicated fans who continue to surprise us with their love and passion for the brand. This recipe book has been created by our fans for the fans and is a real celebration of the sweet and its unique flavour. We hope this recipe book inspires Parma Violets fans across the country to create some tasty treats!”

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