Lauren Reid speaks about breaking the female parkrun record

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: parkrun Australia
Photo credit: parkrun Australia

From Runner's World

  • Lauren Reid has set a new female parkrun record, in Parramatta, Australia

  • Reid, who was born in Scotland, finished in 15:45

  • While there are still no parkruns in the UK owing to Covid-19 restrictions, they have resumed in some parts of the world

Lauren Reid has set a new female parkrun record, completing the 5K distance in 15:45 at the Parramatta parkrun in Greater Western Sydney, Australia. The previous record was held by Charlotte Arter, who ran a time of 15:49 at the Cardiff parkrun on February 1, 2020.

After crossing the line of the out-and-back, slightly hilly course, Reid, who is 35 and was born in Scotland, said, ‘A HUGE thank you to Parramatta parkrun – what a wonderful, supportive and positive community! Everyone was incredibly kind and so, so supportive. Thank you all again, so much. I feel so very humbled.’

Reid's preparation for the record attempt was distinctly sub-optimal. She'd been in pain for the previous few days due to a root canal treatment gone wrong, and then on the morning of the race didn't manage a proper warm up because - you've guessed it - she was queuing for the toilet (good to know it's not just us mortals who suffer such slings and arrows).

Twitter users were also quick to point out that, by the looks of things, the record was set on grass in hot and sunny conditions. On Saturday, January 23, the temperature reached 31C in the area, with a low of 22C.

One runner tweeted, ‘Impressive achievement, and it was damn hot out there. I'd barely made it to the halfway turn in that time. During the pre-run briefing we were told the record attempt was happening. Exciting after the race to hear she'd done it. A bit of parkrun history.’

In an interview featured on Reid also gave an insight into how she has trained and stayed motivated through lockdown, saying she took part in time trials, virtual races and also used her training partners for accountability by swapping training pics.

'I’d say to those struggling with motivation firstly that that is so normal and ok!' she said. 'We all struggle with it at some stage and this last year, for so many, has been so incredibly challenging.'

'But there’s always a way to get a run in, we are lucky as runners – we don’t need equipment or specific locations. Just your running shoes and go... that’s the simplicity of our sport! Try changing the goals up, write yourself a little routine so you can tick things off as you complete them – that really helped for me.

'Keep it as simple as it needs to be. I try to remind myself that I am lucky to be in a position where I can run, to have good health and great support around me.'

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