There's a clever way to get super cheap craft supplies

Why scrapstores are brilliant for crafterswork by Lisa Kling - Getty Images

From decorating school class rooms to finding the tools needed for messy play, finding cheap arts and crafts materials is never easy. If you're after valuable supplies like fabrics, paper and cardboard to inspire creative sessions at home or in the community, there is a brilliant resource available that is cheap and – even better – it reuses waste and reduces the impact on landfill.

Scrapstores redistribute safe and clean waste products to families and organisations such as schools, nurseries, playgroups, activity clubs and care homes. Groups or individuals can sign up to be members of scrapstores, which are located in warehouses across the UK.

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In return for either a small annual fee or payment for the scrap you take on the day, members can then access a range of high quality art and crafts essentials, including card, paper, canvas, textiles, paint and wool, that has been donated by businesses as scrap material. The types of materials on offer are often those that businesses find difficult to recycle, making it a sustainable way to dispose of waste.

With as many as 80,000 community groups said to be benefitting from their local scrapstore, they are valuable centres that promote creativity as well as skills such as team work and communication. As well as providing the materials needed for craft projects, many scrapstores bring people together through organised art workshops and messy play sessions for under 5s.

Memberships is available for as little as £5. ReusefulUK, an organisation which has been set up by members of the scrapstore community, has details on how to donate materials and become a volunteer in your local scrapstore.

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