There's A New Beer Machine On The Market — Say Hello To The PerfectDraft Pro

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Just when we thought we were done obsessing over beer machines in general, the makers behind *the* beer machine of all beer machines — PerfectDraft — release a brand-new launch: the PerfectDraft Pro.

Complete with variable temperature control, app connectivity and fast cooling (crazy, we know) the new beer machine is designed with a premium brushed finish and LED display making it the ultimate accessory for tech lovers and beer lovers alike. Sold? We sure are...

Not stopping there, PerfectDraft has introduced a Smart Pour technology which guarantees the perfect pour every single time, with no excess foam when pouring a beer.

As well as this, the machine’s cooling system has also been re-engineered, speeding up the chilling process of the keg from room temperature to ‘just right’ in less than 12 hours. Oh, and did we mention it stabilises the keg’s temperatures more rapidly even when in warmer environments?

Tim Deeks, Global Director Product & Brand at PerfectDraft said, “The PerfectDraft Pro is the next step in the evolving technology of home beer, allowing beer lovers to become a draught master. There’s something incredibly satisfying about pouring yourself a beer, and with this new machine we’ve done everything to make that experience as smooth and perfect as possible, allowing users to truly celebrate the moment of the pour.”

If the PerfectDraft Pro sounds like a bit of you, then you can jump on the waiting list now for the new model, and it will set you back £385.

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