Therapists reveals the subtle warning signs your partner might be cheating

Therapists reveals the subtle warning signs your partner might be cheating

Hindsight is everything when it comes to cheating. When an affair comes to light, it’s easy to realise the signs were there all along—you just completely missed them.

The signs of cheating, whether the affair is purely physical or emotional, are often subtle. Maybe he started coming home late after work more often than not. Maybe she suddenly started paying more attention to your schedule, which felt odd, but you dismissed as no big deal.

'Since cheating is cloaked in secrecy, the person is doing their best not to arouse suspicion in their partner,' says licensed marriage and family therapist Lesli Doares, author of Blueprint for a Lasting Marriage. 'The cheater’s goal is to not get caught and then have to deal with the consequences. They strive to make everything appear normal.'

At the same time, people tend to draw conclusions about their partner based on their pre-existing beliefs, says psychologist Paul Coleman, Psy.D., author of Finding Peace When Your Heart Is In Pieces. So if you tend to be a trusting person, it can be easy to overlook the less-obvious signs of cheating.

Keep an out for these warning signs below; noticing just one may not be a surefire sign of an unfaithful partner, but if you check multiple off this list, it may be time to have a vulnerable chat. After all, if they have nothing to hide, they should be more than happy to put your fears to rest.

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