This theory about Finding Nemo is sending fans wild

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Recently a pretty sinister theory surrounding everyone's favourite fishy film, Finding Nemo, went viral on TikTok, and it's so convincing it has fans feeling just a little bit mind-blown.

To recap the film follows clownfish Marlin on his journey to find his only son Nemo after the pair are separated when divers take Nemo for a fish tank in a dentist's surgery in Australia. Crucially, at the beginning of the film Marlin's wife and all their children are killed by a barracuda leaving only Nemo alive. The theory centres around this detail, suggesting that Nemo never actually existed, and Marlin imagined him and the whole adventure as a way of coping with the loss of his wife and children.

Sure, it might sound a bit over the top, but in a now viral TikTok the hosts of the Just The Nobodys podcast discuss the theory and they come up with some pretty good points.

"To make everything worse the word 'Nemo' in Latin means 'no one' so Disney is literally telling the audience, we have a movie called Finding Nemo that actually means 'finding no one' because Nemo's not real," the hosts explain.

"And that's why Dory is such a good friend of Marlin's," they continue. "Because she has short term memory loss and can't remember that Nemo's not real."

While many fans took to the comments to say just how much the theory had ruined their days, some disagreed with it altogether, raising the point that if the theory doesn't make sense since Nemo interacted with other characters even when Marlin wasn't there.

Either way, it seems important for us all to take some time off work and go watch Finding Nemo so we can really consider the theory properly...

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