Theo James opens up about filming *that* naked scene in The White Lotus

theo james opens up about nude scenes in the white lotus
Theo James opens up about naked White Lotus scenesJC Olivera - Getty Images

The White Lotus season two is finally here, featuring a brand spanking new cast. There's Aubrey Plaza, The Bold Type's Meghann Fahy and, of course, Theo James.

Theo, 37, joins the cast as Cameron, a US tech bro who's on holiday in Sicily with his wife Daphne (Fahy). Ahead of the series, the actor opened up about filming totally naked scenes for S2. And, yes, we mean *totally* naked.

The first episode of season two dropped on Monday 31 October in the UK, available on Sky Atlantic and NOW. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Theo poked fun at his nude scenes, joking, "It's in my contract. I'm not allowed to do anything without getting completely naked."

theo james opens up about naked scenes in the white lotus
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He went on, "In this - it's funny because we're all kind of naked a lot, because it's a holiday show."

However, Theo added that there's always a "purpose" to naked scenes, explaining, "Mike [series creator Mike White], as in season one, his nudity is always very specific. There's a purpose."

Speaking alongside Theo, co-star Meghann agreed, "It's never arbitrary, it's always character-driven. It's always moving the plot forward."

"It felt natural," Theo continued. The actor then teased *that* scene where his character Cameron "reveals himself,". During the first episode of season two, Theo's character Cameron borrows a pair of swim shorts from Aubrey Plaza's Harper Spiller's husband and gets changed in front of her in her hotel room.

Theo explained that the original shot actually had to be toned down. "The initial version of that we shot was way too much. But then we kind of did a more subtle version," he laughed. "Mike toned it down."

theo james opens up about nude scenes in the white lotus
JC Olivera - Getty Images

Plus, this isn't the first time Theo has come under the spotlight for being nude on screen. We've previously seen similar naked scenes during his performances in The Time Traveler's Wife and Sanditon so, hey, sounds like he's used to the whole deal by now.

The White Lotus season two premieres on Sky Atlantic and NOW on 31 October.

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