Make theatres safe for vulnerable people

I completely agree with the actor Liz Carr who has said that theatres should have mask-only theatre performances (11 April). I am classed as clinically extremely vulnerable and didn’t attend the theatre last Saturday due to Covid concerns and am trying to find out if I can obtain a refund or resell my tickets for another performance this Friday. Due to my vulnerability, it is now a choice between being stuck at home or being able to take part in society; the safe choice at the moment is to be stuck at home.
Kate Boulton

• One way to “spread the love and recognition more widely” (The Olivier awards toasted theatre’s winning can-do spirit through the pandemic, 11 April) would be for the Olivier awards to extend their reach to all UK theatre, not merely the West End. They are reported on as if they cover theatre not merely from London, but the Society of London Theatre’s awards reinforce metropolitan dominance of an unequal theatre landscape.
Anthony Lawton
Church Langton, Leicestershire

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