The world's unluckiest woman sees her fortunes change as she finds love

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25 October 2012
Steffanie Wise, dubbed the world's unluckiest woman, is preparing to get married

A mother dubbed the world’s unluckiest woman after losing her leg, going blind and having a double organ transplant has seen her fortunes change after meeting the love of her life.

Steffanie Wise, 35, says the horrific chain of events that earned her the unfortunate title all started after she tripped on a STEP at work.

The 35-year-old initially only suffered minor pain after the incident, but when it persisted she saw a doctor - who told her she'd broken her ankle and needed to see a specialist.

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She was given a course of antibiotics after her ankle became infected and later developed septicaemia, forcing her have her leg amputated below the knee.

Just a week later, the septicaemia spread and caused bar manager Steffanie to go blind.

While in hospital, she suffered ulcerations on her stump - which led to kidney failure and saw her catch a superbug.

And then six months later she was seriously injured in a horrific car accident, with ongoing medical problems forcing her to undergo a double organ transplant on her kidney and pancreas.

But it was during her latest hospital stay that Steffanie met her fiance, Scott Poolton, 37, and the couple are now set to wed.

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She said: ''I think I have had quite a lot of good luck really, not bad luck. Considering everything I have come through and survived, I feel lucky.

''I don't see it as bad luck at all. I could have died at any one point but I didn't.''

Steffanie tripped on the step while at work at a brewery in the summer of 2002, while she was eight months pregnant with son Luke, now 10.

Revealing how she met her soon-to-be husband, she continued: ''I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I was still in hospital. I proposed to him in February, it was a leap year and we know we don’t want to be with anyone else.''

Car valeting worker Scott added: ''I have never known anyone like her, everything she has gone through and raising a kid on her own for ten years is unbelievable.

''I can't wait for the wedding, it will be the happiest day of our lives.''

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