The World's 50 Best Bars 2021 unveils an extended list from 51-100

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A nice cocktail or tipple of choice at the end of a very long day (or maybe month) can be a great way to lean back and destress. For the bars that have survived through the pandemic, there's another reason to throw back another shot.

The World's 50 Best Bars will return to a live awards show on 7th December at London's iconic Roundhouse. They will also be unveiling an extended 51-100 list to put more great bars in the spotlight.

The 51-100 List in Numbers

  • The 51-100 list includes bars from 34 cities across 26 countries

  • There are 28 new entries on the list, with 13 from Europe

  • USA leads the list with seven bars across four cities

  • UK leads Europe with five bars of a total of 21 from 10 countries

  • China and Singapore lead Asia with three bars of 13 across seven countries

  • South America is represented by three bars from three countries

  • Two new entries come from India

  • Africa sees its first-ever bar from Kenya make the list

Without further ado, let's take a look at number 51-100 on the list of World's Best Bars 2021!

World's Best Bars 2021: Number 51-100
World's Best Bars 2021: Number 51-100

8 new entries from Asia

There are a total of 10 entries from Asia, out of which eight are new to the list. Here's a look at all the bars that make the list from Asia.

59: Penicillin (Hongkong, China)

62: Tropic City (Bangkok, Thailand)

63: Sago House (Singapore)

65: Tesouro by Firefly (Goa, India)

71: 28 HongKong Street (Singapore)

81: Barbary Coast (Singapore)

90: BKK Social Club (Bangkok, Thailand)

91: AHA Saloon (Taipei, Taiwan)

94: Hope & Sesame (Guangzhou, China)

95: Hoots', New Delhi, India

Congrats to the new entries!

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