The ultimate TRX full body workout

Anita Albrecht
Yahoo Lifestyle
21 December 2012

After Bar Refaeli tweeted a picture of her body weight suspension training session we become inspired to try out the fitness phenomenon.

The ‘TRX’ is a type of suspension trainer that uses your body weight as resistance. It's a canvas strap with hand and feet attachments that you can use anywhere, anytime.

It focuses on all the bits we want to target and is amazing for both women and men. With almost every exercise you do on it, you will work your core indirectly or directly due to the instability of some movements and the suspension aspect.

From legs, bums and tums to fat burning, lean muscle building and core conditioning, a total beginner, advanced athlete or hardcore trainer can benefit from the hundreds of exercises that you can do on the TRX.

For a full body workout try each exercise consecutively aiming for around 10-15 reps for each exercise.

Always start with around 10 repetitions for each exercise for beginners then work your way up to doing 15 repetitions.

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Once you have been right through the entire workout, repeat if you can and eventually work up to doing the whole workout three times.

Exercise 1: TRX rows (For back, arms and core)

Hold the TRX with both handles, palms facing inwards, body tight and straight, heels dug into floor.

Pull your body weight up squeezing your shoulder blades together and then slowly release again.

Exercise 2: TRX squat jumps (For legs, glutes, cardio and core)

Start in a squat position, thighs parallel to the floor hands holding on to the TRX. Drive through the legs jumping as high off the floor as you can.

Land with soft knees and sink back down into the original squat position.

Exercise 3: TRX suspended press ups (For chest, arms, back and core)

There are two variations for this.

For beginners, start from your knees, facing downwards, feet in TRX foot loops, palms on floor and knees on floor keeping a straight back and abdominals engaged. Lower your upper body down as low as you can without letting your lower back collapse and then push back up again.

For advanced users do the whole movement without your knees on the ground. Much more challenging on those arms, core and in fact your entire body.

Exercise 4: Hamstring curls (For hamstrings, lower back, glutes and core)

Lie on your back with your legs straight, heels into the foot loops and palms facing down on the floor away from your hips.

Keeping a strong straight back and core, lift your hips up off the floor as high as you can then bend your knees (keeping the hips as high as you can still) and ‘curl’ your legs in towards your body aiming to get your heels towards your buttocks/glutes.

Extend the legs out slowly then repeat for your chosen number of repetitions.

Exercise 5: TRX knee tuck crunch (abs, upper body and core)

For beginners, start with your forearms on the floor, feet in the foot loops, body tight, abdominals engaged and neutral spine.

Then pull your knees into your chest squeezing your tummy muscles (abs) as hard as you can then extend the legs back out again. Make sure you don’t let your lower back collapse when your legs are extended out.

For advanced users do the movement from your palms instead of your forearms.

Exercise 6: TRX 'sprinter' (cardio, legs, core and whole body)

Start in a lunge position, one foot forward and one back. Lean your body forward making sure you have the TRX handles just below your armpits tucked underneath and behind your shoulders.

Drive the leg that is behind you forwards so you end up ‘hopping’ into the air and then place that same leg back down behind you again.

Aim to bring your knee as high towards your chest as you can when you do the hop to really squeeze and work those core muscles.

Make sure once you have done your chosen repetitions that you repeat the other leg.

Exercise 7: TRX 'Y' and 'T' deltoid flyes (shoulders, back and core)

This one I have shown from two different angles to make it easier to try and follow. Start in a suspended position holding the TRX handles, body straight and arms straight.

Pull your body upwards bringing the arms out straight horizontally and lift the body up to an almost upright position.

This is the ‘T’ Flye. For the ‘Y’ Flye start in the same position but instead of pulling your arms straight out horizontally you’ll aim to pull them ‘upwards’ towards the ceiling to create a ‘Y’ shape. Alternate between the ‘T’ and the ‘Y’ for each repetition.

Exercise 8: TRX jumping lunges (legs, arms, glutes, cardio and core)

Hold the handles of the TRX with straight arms whilst in a lunge position. Using the strength of your arms, pull your body upwards whilst jumping up, swapping the legs as you go.

Land with the opposite foot in front coming back down into a lunge. Jump again, swap the legs and lunge again…continue for your chosen number of repetitions. 

Exercise 9: TRX oblique tucks (For obliques, entire core, upper body and arms)

Start with your palms on the floor, body straight and feet in the foot loops. Bend your knees together towards the left side of the body squeezing the waist tightly.

Then take the bent knees over to the right side of the body squeezing the waist again as tight as you can.

Ensure that your lower body does not collapse during this movement. If it’s too challenging, try it with your forearms on the floor.

Exercise 10: TRX front plank (For your entire core)

Beginners do this with the forearms on the ground, more advanced people with palms on the ground.

Place your feet into the TRX foot loops and straighten out your body. The aim with this exercise is to draw your belly button into your lower spine, squeeze your glutes (bottom) keep as still as you can and breathe deeply.

This exercise is a fantastic one to support your entire core and strengthen and tone it too. Try and hold this for at least one minute….ideally for at least two minutes.

By now you should have a good taster of what its like to train your body with this brilliant piece of kit. It’s one of my favourite pieces of equipment and I am sure it will become one of yours too.

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