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M&S has created the ultimate Christmas breakfast to be delivered to your doorstep

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The ultimate Christmas breakfast. (Marks & Spencer)

We love Marks & Spencer (as anyone who frequents Yahoo Life UK will know) and so, when we heard that the supermarket had created The Champagne Breakfast Crate to be delivered straight to your door, we were falling over ourselves to sign up.

That's right, M&S will deliver a huge (and we mean huge) hamper of breakfast goodies to your door, so that you needn't faff with a frying pan, waste time hopping around by the toaster or miss out on spending extra time with your loved ones.

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You can now order for delivery from 21 to 22 December, and here's exactly why we're front of the queue...

Why we rate it

To be quite frank, when we read the full list of what to expect in the breakfast offering, we couldn't believe just how many indulgent treats M&S had managed to fit in – especially for £95.

We've popped the full list below but, for the impatient among you, the highlights include a full bottle of Louis Vertay Brut NV, freshly squeezed orange juice, smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, Christmas tree crumpets, sesame bagels, salted jersey butter and strawberry and Champagne jam.

Here's exactly what you can expect:

  • Louis Vertay Brut NV (75cl) (Alcohol content- 12.5%)

  • Collection British Strawberry and Champagne Jam (235g)

  • 100% Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice Smooth (1l)

  • Clementine, Lemon & Honey Juice (750ml)

  • Collection Scottish Mild and Delicate Smoked Salmon (300g)

  • Snowman Crumpets (300g)

  • Sesame Bagels (450g)

  • Whipped soft creamy cheese (150g)

  • Collection Salted Jersey Butter (250g)

  • Wooden Crate

What the reviews say

Whether people bought it for themselves as a Christmas morning treat or for a loved one, the response to the ultimate breakfast hamper is very positive, with customers saying they'd definitely buy it again.

  • "Fabulous gift for a friend, family or yourself. The essence of a Christmas Day breakfast."

  • "Beautiful breakfast full of wonderful things . We both enjoyed so much would definitely buy again."

  • "Excellent purchase will purchase again this was just the perfect start to Christmas Day."

  • "Bought two as gifts for people. They were both received with great excitement and feedback was how fantastic they are. Delicious, delightful."

  • "Bought this as Christmas present for my Mum and Dad. They were over the moon at the quantity and quality of the products inside. They had a lovely Christmas breakfast with enough produce for a few more days."

Need we say more? We doubt it.

Buy it: The Champagne Breakfast Crate | £95 from M&S

£95 at M&S