The top 5 TikTok Halloween food trends and how to make them

Thanksgiving pumpkin and apple various pies, top view, copy space. Fall traditional homemade apple and pumpkin pie for autumn holiday.
Halloween is coming - it's time to eat spooky things. (Getty Images)

Social media loves Halloween. It's the perfect way to showcase your best fancy dress, your spookiest decor - and most importantly, the tastiest, most imaginative food, full of autumn inspiration and dark deliciousness.

This year, the best cooks have taken to TikTok to showcase their greatest and ghostliest creations, and online cake shop Jack and Beyond has found the top ten Halloween food and drink trends.

Here's the top five hashtags that are happening in the haunted kitchens of online chefs this year. Spider cookies are go!

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1 #Pumpkinpie

With over 140, 100,000 views, that's a lot of hopeful pie eaters. Here's one of the top TikToks showing you exactly how to make your own, from @cookingwithshereen.

2 #Butterbeer

This isn't even a real drink, but that hasn't stopped 99,000,000 million searches (really).

Invented by Harry Potter author J.K.Rowling, the idea is so delightful that innovative home cooks have come up with their own. Try this one from @matthewinthekitchen.

3 #Candyapple

Otherwise known as a toffee apple in the UK. With 43,100,000, either way, it's popular. Best not to use for apple bobbing as the coating will melt - but be careful of your precious teeth. These things can set hard.

Try this recipe from @thesuburbansoapbox

4 #PumpkinBread

Bread but spooky. Who knew that was a thing? The 12, 600 000 who have searched for the recipe on Tik Tok, it seems. You can add chocolate chips, or go savoury. It's an autumnal twist on boring old banana bread that really works.

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5 #Spider cookies

Not actual spiders, in this life or the next, thank you. However, spider decorated cookies are a very different proposition, and as long as they're not too biologically realistic, they'll be delicious - or so think the 1,200 000 people who've searched for them.

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