Ranked: Top UK cities to start a side hustle

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Brighton is the best place for Brits to start a side-hustle. (The UK Domain)
Brighton is the best place for Brits to start a side-hustle. Photo: The UK Domain

Brighton is the best UK city for Brits to start a “side-hustle” in, research suggests.

Based on eight criteria, small business advisor The UK Domain has ranked 25 cities based on which have the best working conditions to support new entrepreneurs.

These criteria include population, the average cost of living, broadband speed, life-satisfaction, disposable income, average working hours, commuting times, and number of new domains registered in lockdown

Brighton and Hove claims the title of the UK’s side hustle capital, with high scores in all index ranking factors.

Top 25 UK cities to start a side-hustle. (The UK Domain)
Top 25 UK cities to start a side-hustle. (The UK Domain)

During the peak of lockdown, 7,377 new domain names were registered in Brighton — showcasing just how many new budding entrepreneurs are ready to kickstart their business in the city.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh claims the title of the UK's second-best side-hustle city, with a total of 5,504 newly registered domains during lockdown.

The historical city also scored highly on life satisfaction, broadband speed and disposable income — making it an ideal location for Brits to start their own business.

However, with its average cost of living and commuting hours coming in high, in addition to slightly disappointing broadband speed, Brighton was able to beat it to the top spot.

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The city of Gloucester came in at third place due to scoring second-highest for the quickest broadband speed.

Gloucester's low working hours and high disposable income also lend themselves towards a high level of life-satisfaction among residents, according to the research.

(The UK Domain)
Infographic: The UK Domain

The study found 4,909 domains were newly registered in Gloucester during lockdown.

Bristol came in fourth, with 7,166 newly-registered domain names and shorter working hours balancing longer commute times and less disposable income than some other cities.

Cardiff rounds out the top five due to its total of 6,344 newly-registered domains during lockdown — despite an average disposable income of just £17,019.

Meanwhile, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Sheffield and Plymouth made up the rest of the top 10.

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The top 10 UK cities to start a side-hustle

  1. Brighton & Hove

  2. Edinburgh

  3. Gloucester

  4. Bristol

  5. Cardiff

  6. Leeds

  7. Newcastle upon Tyne

  8. Glasgow

  9. Sheffield

  10. Plymouth

Unsurprisingly, London saw the biggest increase of new domain registrations from March to July, at 66,436.

The highest number was in south-west London, where 10,493 domains were registered.

It was closely followed by north London, at 10,309, and east London, at 10,275.

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