The Real Pink Lady: Meet The World’s Pinkest Person


Everything in Kitten’s house is pink [Photo: Instagram/kittenkaysera via photographer Samantha West]

Many women (and men) would admit to having a penchant for pink. But one woman has taken her love of the colour to the extreme, so much so that’s she has just been officially named the world’s pinkest person.

Kitten Kay Sera lives in a completely pink house, has worn nothing but pink clothes for the last 35 years and even dyes her dog, Miss Kisses, pink – using vet-approved beetroot juice dyes.

“I consider myself proudly to be a pink flamingo in a world of pigeons,” the 52-year-old from Hollywood explains. “I am the world’s pinkest person and my life is devoted to that colour. Some people think I am weird but frankly I am fierce and fabulous.”


Kitten has just been awarded the title of pinkest person in the world [Photo: Instagram/kittenkaysera]

When it comes to her pink wardrobe Kitten, who works as a character actress, singer and TV personality, explains that she first ditched non-pink clothes in her late teens.

“I gave all my other clothes away. My family thought it was a phase, but I am starting my fourth decade of pink power and am not looking back,” she says.

“The experiment made me realise how much money I was spending on clothes I never wore, that didn’t suit my complexion and wearing just one colour made me feel strong and took the stress out of deciding what to wear.”


Even the toothpaste is pink [Photo: Instagram/kittenkaysera]

Her house is a shrine to all things pink, with a giant pink shell bed, pink carpet throughout and of course an entirely pink kitchen.

But being devoted to just one colour doesn’t come cheap and Kitten explains that her passion for pink has cost a pretty price. “The pinkification of my world is a work in progress and its cost me over a million dollars and counting,” she admits.


And the dog! [Photo: Instagram/kittenkaysera]

For many little girls the love of pink has a lot to do with the colour’s perceived girliness, but Kitten says she finds living a pink life empowering.

“It can be both delicate and demanding, tempered or tough,” she says.

“Wearing pink makes me stand out. I always feel alive and happy in it and pink is never drab. You only live one life and I want mine to be remembered and count so I am the Pink Lady of the World.”

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