The New UGG-Sandal Hybrid has Divided the Internet


[Photo: Instagram/Teva]

Love them or hate them, UGGs continue to be a footwear staple in the UK and beyond.

But now, many believe that the company’s new collaboration with utilitarian sandal brand, Teva, has finally crossed a line.

Described on the Teva website as a “striking mashup of two icons” and “something that is familiar, yet remarkably different,” the new sandal boot (if that’s how’s best to describe it) is baffling the internet.

The shoe combines two elements - the UGG moon boot design and that of a Teva neoprene sandal - and the result is as surreal as we’d expect.

A pair don’t come cheap, either, at $300 AUD (around £170).

“Born from the water, ready for the street,” Teva’s Instagram account writes alongside an image of the angle-high edition of the sandal.

“Our new #TevaxUGG sandal takes the luxurious comfort of @UGG’s signature sheepskin & wool into fresher, sportier realms.”

Many on social media are confused, or outright horrified. One user wrote: “ugg and teva are doing a collab and it’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen. whyyyy.”

Another said: “Woah, this new, actual @Teva and @UGG mashup is a mullet for feet.”

One Twitter user pointed out some practical issues with the shoe: “I am always irked by overly chilled ankles and heated soles; take my money!! [sic] *sarcasm*”

UGG itself, meanwhile, has taken the criticism on the chin.

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