The most valuable language to learn if you want to earn an extra £8,000

Abigail Fenton
Photo: Green Chameleon/Unsplash
Photo: Green Chameleon/Unsplash

In the new year, thousands of people look to learn a new language but which should you invest your time in to earn the most money?

Analysis of over 104,000 UK job adverts by education experts Exam Papers Plus found Arabic is the highest-paid language in the UK, with Arabic speakers making about £43,879 a year – over £8,000 more than the national average.

The language is also in demand within the job market, with 1,391 jobs currently advertised on job website Adzuna.

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Swedish is the second most valuable language to learn based on salary, offering about £43,565.00 a year, the data found.

However, Swedish is considerably more competitive than Arabic, with just 915 jobs available and such a high salary on offer.

Chinese also makes the top three. With 2,400 job advertising searching for people fluent in the language, the average take-home salary for a Chinese-speaking job is £38,530.

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Meanwhile, Persian is the least valuable language to learn based on the average salary. There are just 66 Persian-speaking jobs currently advertised on Adzuna in the UK, offering about £25,090 a year.

This is followed by Hindi, with 319 jobs available for an average salary of £25,767, and Hebrew, with 57 jobs available, at about £27,038 a year.

The data shows English is the most in demand language, with a staggering 59,981 jobs advertised on Adzuna. However, these jobs are primarily for English teachers and tutors.

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Additionally, the average salary for English speaking jobs is just £28,329, making it the fourth worst language to learn based on the salary offered.

English aside, French is most in demand, with over 10,000 jobs currently available.

According to the BBC, there has been a decline in the number of pupils choosing to study French at GCSE level. Meanwhile, languages like Portuguese and Polish are on the rise.

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French is closely followed by German, with 8,360 jobs currently being advertised. German speakers can earn about £35,859.