This Underwear Brand Gives Back To Girls In Need, One Knicker At A Time

[Photo: Taylor + Rani]

One woman, one vision, and that is all it has taken for Isobel Barclay, a textile design graduate from London, to launch her very own brand, on a mission to support girls on their journey to womanhood worldwide.

The fire in the belly started on Isobel’s travels, having witnessed the plight of girls living in poverty across the world. Enough was enough, fusing skill and passion, Isobel wanted to make her mark in the world and launched Taylor + Rani, the beautiful underwear brand that gives back to girls in need.

Built around the idea of girls being stronger together, Taylor + Rani is a symbolism of two females coming together, Taylor and Rani, as a representation of sisterhood.

“We wanted to use two girl names from different cultures to signify our work around the world. One girl, plus one girl is a team, and Taylor plus Rani is stronger.”

Isobel explained that Taylor + Rani’s pursuit is to empower women and girls, by designing beautiful underwear to help embrace the transition from girl to woman, making it a fun and vibrant experience, whilst also donating to charities that work towards girl rights worldwide.  

“Our mission is simple, we wish to spread the sisterhood and strength further and further afield. The social aspect of the brand is to increase our giving collaborations and we intend to not only provide support to girls in education but also to provide skills that give them independence.”

[Photo: Taylor + Rani]

Working alongside Smalls for All, the charity works in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Sierra Leone helping to keep girls in education for longer, who typically miss out on finishing their education as a result of the lack of access to toilets or sanitary products.

Encompassing Isobel’s vision ‘to do better’, for every pair of knickers that are sold in boutiques across the UK, online or even via their stockists in New Zealand, a pair is donated to the partnering charity, and underprivileged girls will be supported through the purchase of underwear.  

“There are so many areas of my career that I enjoy”, says Isobel, “and I am incredibly proud of the good that has been produced through Taylor + Rani. Girls as far away as Malawi have been given support to stay in education for longer by girls in Exeter who are buying our knickers.”

[Photo: Taylor + Rani]

Similarly, every other product is matched with a monetary donation that goes towards the building of separate girls toilets at schools and providing sanitary products to girls so that their education isn’t interfered with as a result of puberty.

In today’s society, where consumers are demanding more from their products, Taylor + Rani is able to satisfy the gap in the market, by offering underwear that looks nice, makes us feel good and has an interest in charitable causes.

One vision, one sisterhood, and endless impact. Be sure to stay tuned with Taylor + Rani, as the charitable underwear brand is already in talks for an exciting, yet secretive, up and coming product collaboration.

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