The Internet is going crazy over McDonald's new cheeky Christmas cups

Sabrina Carder
[Photo: Sam Sykes/ Twitter]
[Photo: Sam Sykes/ Twitter]

For once we think Starbucks Christmas cups may have to step aside, there is a new red cup in town and it belongs to none other than McDonald’s.

This year the fast food chain have attempted to create their very own Chrismassy cups, however, it hasn’t exactly gone to plan.

The McCafe cup has gone viral, racking up over 22,000 likes on Twitter for it’s controversial Christmas design. So, what are we looking at?

Well, at first glance you may be able to see the festive motif of two mittens. However, thanks to the creative people on the Internet, the majority are seeing something a little more cheeky, it comes in the form of, well, butt cheeks.

Yes, we know, once you see it, you can’t unsee it. Needless to say Twitter is having a field day with one user rightly saying it’s, “Spreading a liiiiittle too much Christmas cheer”.

Another witty tweet perfectly compares the design to a Turner Prize-nominated sculpture of a man holding his pert derriere.

If Mcdonald’s were trying to out shine all other festive cups they certainly have succeeded. If anything it is definitely spreading Christmas cheer by giving us all a good chuckle.

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