The inflatable speedboat you need in your life this summer

Caroline Allen
You can get this blow-up speedboat, complete with built-in cooler for £222. [Photo: Sun Pleasure]

Ever wondered what it’s like to party on a yacht celebrity-style?

Well, it might not be a yacht, but this inflatable speedboat comes with a built-in drinks cooler and it’s about £1.5 million cheaper.

The inflatable boat party island - that’s right, island - will hold you and five mates.

Form an orderly queue, my friends.

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The giant floating boat is from the same company that brought us the popular unicorn and flamingo pool floats from last season.

The float has plenty of drinks holders and somewhere to cool your food and drinks.

To fit six people on - comfortably - it must be pretty big. However, people who have bought the boat have commented on it being “GIANT”.

The 20 feet by 10 feet spectacle is probably not suitable for your average pool. It’s designed for open waters but it doesn’t have a motor, so it’s best you anchor it down to avoid floating away.

Buy Amazon’s inflatable party boat here.

Amazon's 6-person inflatable party boat can be yours for a cool £222

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The Amazon listing has attracted plenty of questions, with potential buyers confused about what exactly it can be used for.

Without an engine or oars, people are a bit concerned about exactly how they’re meant to move the massive inflatable raft.

It’s also worth noting that the party island doesn’t come with a pump. If you want to get your hands on it, you’ll need to get one.

Unless, of course, you want to spend the whole summer blowing it up.

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At £222, it’s not the cheapest inflatable on the market, but it is probably the biggest.

If you don’t fancy spending that much on an inflatable, there are plenty of options under £50.

If you’re being savvy, you could ask your friends to chip in and buy it as a group. After all, what’s better than putting together a schedule for when you can use your giant inflatable?

Nothing, is the answer. Nothing is better.

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