The Great British Bake Off Episode Two: Carpet Munching, Jug-Grabbing And Multiple Gingerbread Disasters


Turns out, making a gingerbread 3D structure is no small feat [Photo: BBC]

It was biscuit week over at camp GBBO this week and Crikey o’reilly what an episode. There was a whole lot of heat in the kitchen as Mary revealed she’s partial to a bit of carpet, Mel grabbed Candice’s jugs and Paul admitted to liking the taste of Val’s sister. You couldn’t make it up.

In this week’s first challenge, the bakers had to rustle up 12 identical iced biscuits. Louise got off to a terrible start dropping her first batch on the way to the oven making her the first floor-casualty of the season.

Despite their “informal” icing, Kate’s lavender and bergamot butterflies won over the dubious judges tastebuds. Tom’s insistence on over-complicated flavours finally paid off; his spiced chai frappe latte chino biscuits earned him the rarest of rare GBBO accolades, the Hollywood handshake. Well, he did make 300 practice biscuits so hats off to him.

In the technical challenge, Mary’s Viennese whirls gave way to Selasi’s first bad bake of the competition landing him at the bottom of the table. Louise’s flat broken biscuits put her in 10th place while Kate came out on top with her picture perfect creations.

Our 11 hopefuls were then challenged to make a 3D gingerbread story that “said something” about them in this week’s showstopper. Val’s collapsed Statue of Liberty looked more like a scene from Cloverfield. Young Tom’s recreation of a trip to Santa’s workshop turned out more like Santa’s workshop from hell.


Some serious piping went on in episode two [Photo: BBC]

Louise is getting married next year so she attempted to create her special day. Sadly the chapel collapsed and the gingerbread likenesses of her and her beau bore a striking resemblance to Mr Blobby. It’s been a series of disasters for Louise but this one took the biscuit and the hairdresser from Cardiff was given the chop. “I came, I tried, I had a disaster.” She joked.

Candice’s recreation of the pub she grew up in, complete with “sticky toffee carpet” earned her this week’s star baker title. Twitter was positively on fire after Mary blithely declared “I’ll eat a bit of carpet.” Oh Mary.

Next week is bread week but which of the remaining ten contestants will rise to the occasion?

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