Girl Code: Rules Of Female Friendships


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The Girl Code is a set of rules that defines a female friendships. The code allows females to trust, respect and love one another without much drama. In order for a friendship to grow and nourish, each female will use these unspoken rules without even knowing that they are associated with the girl code. It is known to be similar to the male Bro Code which you may of heard of before.

If the girl code is broken then you’re in danger of losing a friend or alienating yourself from the group. Although we all make mistakes some are more forgiving than others.

Here are some of the rules of the Girl Code:

Say no to ex’s

  • Once your friend is no longer with their partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) they are completely off limits. This means you can no longer date or associate with them unless your friend has allowed you to do so. This also means no flirting or liking all their social media photos and comments. This is one of the most important Girl Code rules.

Times of need

  • Whether your friend has decided to try a new career or a big life change then make sure you support them on their new journey.

  • If your friend has recently gone through a dramatic break-up, lost their job or has unfortunately lost someone in their family. As a friend it’s your job to not just listen but to be sympathetic to their current situation.

Honesty is the best policy

  • Some women think that if they tell their friend about their situation that they won’t be honest with them. This is all to do with how much you trust each other in your friendship. It’s best to be honest instead of regretting not telling them the truth in the future. Also you wouldn’t want your friend to be dishonest with you if you were in a tricky situation.

Be there for each other

  • Girls are known to stick together when they need to. So if your friend is ever in need in a bad situation be there. If your friend is getting chatted up by an unwanted guy in a club, be there for her and politely get your friend away from the situation.

  • If you dropped your friend off at her house or apartment, always make sure you wait until your friend gets inside before you drive away. One of the biggest rules is to never abandon your drunk friends in any circumstance.

New partner alert

  • Females will always get excited when they start talking to a potential new partner. It’s the frill of the flirt and all the compliments and blushing that comes with it. However it’s always good to alert your friends when you are thinking of dating someone new.

  • Sometimes people are talking to more than one person or you both might be speaking to the same person without knowing. So it’s best to be aware and discuss if it’s worth breaking your friendship over.

Never fight over a person

  • Whether it’s the beginning of a new friendship or relationship, never fight with your friends over someone else. We are all human and are allowed to make as many new friends and have new relationships without having to worry about others.

  • However, it’s best not to fight with friends over a new relationship which may not last. If you really feel the person is the one for you then be honest and talk to your friends.

Challenge with each other but never compete

  • Challenging each other is healthy for a friendship especially if you are all striving for greatness. A few opinions here and there may at first be confusing but your friend is only trying to get you to become the best version of yourself. Sometimes it may not be as black and white as it sounds so beware of too much pressure coming from your friends.

  • Although there is nothing wrong with a challenge be careful that it doesn’t become a competition. You and your friends are all allowed to be successful without having hate in your hearts. Life is always good when you can help each other to become successful in life.

Confidence is key

  • If your friend wants your honest opinion of her outfit, hair or makeup, then be honest with them especially if there is something wrong with it. There is nothing worse than seeing a group of females together with one looking a complete mess.

  • Every female deserves to be complimented so why be mean and bitchy, why not share a compliment or two without having to put other females down. Treat those how you would like to be treated.


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There are many rules that applies to the Girl Code, some are more important than others and there are many new rules being applied to the code everyday so watch out for them.

It’s best to be united as women instead of having to go through any unnecessary drama. So keep the code in mind if you are ever unsure on what to do in any situation to do with friendships.

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