The bizarre coffee hack that has sent the Internet into meltdown

This coffee hack has sent the Internet into meltdown [Photo: Lisa Fotios via Pexels]
This coffee hack has sent the Internet into meltdown [Photo: Lisa Fotios via Pexels]

If your coffee tastes too bitter, you know what to do. Add in some sugar to sweeten or mix in some milk or cream to mellow out the bitterness. But a new caffeine hack currently circulating the Internet suggests you could also add an egg to your morning cup of joe to make it that little bit less bitter.

Sounds weird right? But the science behind it seems to stack up.

The hack works because when you add a splash of cold water to the egg yolk and coffee grounds, then pour boiling water over the top, the protein in the egg binds to the part of the grounds that effectively causes bitterness. The clumps of the egg that then form as it cooks allegedly ‘trap’ the bitterness of the grounds.

You just have to make sure you remember to strain the mixture because a scrambled egg style flat white is so not the one!

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The odd-sounding trick was first revealed on and the bizarre video of a yolk being stirred into grounds has since been watched more than 75K times.

But while some have been quick to praise the unusual hack, coffee purists have been sharing their dismay with some labelling the trick a complete “waste of time.”

“Seriously! That is probably the worst suggestion ever. Yuck!,” one person commented.

“I’ve tried it. The smell is awful. It’s like you drink raw egg. Eww! Don’t waste your food,” added another

“A coffee that is not bitter is no coffee at all, I like mine bitter and sweet,” another user wrote.

But not everyone thought the suggestion was a bad one.

“So many haters,” one person wrote. “You guys know egg coffee is a real thing that some countries consume all the time right? I live in Vietnam where egg coffee isn’t seen as gross or wasteful. It’s traditional, beautifully made and SO good.”

Others had their own ideas for reducing the bitterness in a cup of coffee

“Wasteful. I use about half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate for a whole pot and it reduces the acidity, resulting in smoother tasting coffee,” one Facebook user posted.

“Or put a pinch of salt,” another added.

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